Creating a strong brand and presence on social media

OptimaPlus in Jakobstad educates the region's youth and professionals through everything from certificate programs and courses to further education. To keep OptimaPlus at the forefront of education, Kaj Sandvik, CEO of OptimaPlus, chose to hire a marketing agency to promote their new course offerings. Someone has been collaborating with OptimaPlus since 2021, strengthening the company's brand and presence on social media.
When Kaj Sandvik took over as CEO of OptimaPlus two years ago, OptimaPlus had no collaboration with any marketing agency. Promoting a new course is an extensive project that requires versatile expertise: printed materials need to be designed, content about the education needs to be created, and marketing campaigns need to be launched. Therefore, Kaj chose to seek assistance from Someone.
"I wanted to hire a marketing agency that knows the field well and can guide me through the entire process. What made me choose Someone was not only their expertise, enthusiasm, or responsiveness; they immediately demonstrated what they were capable of. Before our first meeting, they had designed and printed a brochure to show me what the new course brochures could look like. I was impressed - they understood my needs and what I wanted," says Sandvik.
Marketing that makes your brand stronger
The collaboration with OptimaPlus has evolved over these years to encompass everything from content production for social media and marketing campaigns to sales materials, corporate presentations, and professional photography.
"There are few things they haven't done for us. Someone has helped us market our courses, reinforced our brand online with entertaining and engaging content, and even given our brand a boost with new sales materials and presentations. They have also assisted us with marketing campaigns for our numerous recruitment courses - and they have done exceptionally well," adds Sandvik.
Kaj Sandvik is satisfied with the collaboration and wants to emphasize that Someone always goes above and beyond to help their customers succeed.
"Someone continues to surprise me. They are extremely knowledgeable, versatile, and creative. Since we started our collaboration, Someone has grown significantly in both the number of clients and employees, but they are still just as responsive and dedicated to being there for all their customers. When I need help with a project, they come up with a solution immediately. They are truly passionate about what they do, and they are very good at it," concludes Sandvik.