On social media, content is king

The goal: to strengthen their brand and reach their target audience
From the outset, our goal was crystal clear: to establish a robust presence on Keymet's social media platforms. Starting with a modest initial presence on social media, we've assisted Keymet in enhancing their social media engagement, bolstering local brand awareness, connecting with their target audience, and attracting potential future employees, all through strategic marketing and innovative content.
"Before we started collaborating with Someone, we only had Instagram, but updated very infrequently. Now we have a significant engagement on our channels, and thanks to the strategic approach implemented by Someone, many people and companies in the local area are now familiar with us" says Jenni Svenfelt, Quality & Supply Chain Manager at Keymet.
Milestones and projects during the collaboration
A significant milestone in our collaboration was updating Keymet's new website. The company needed a modern website that would truly showcase who Keymet is: a modern, forward-thinking, and growing company at the forefront of customized metal components.
We modernized Keymet's website by taking new images of their facilities and staff and crafting new SEO-friendly content in Swedish, Finnish, and English. The result was an impressive and informative website that reflects Keymet's innovation, provides visitors with a deeper understanding of the company's expertise, and communicates the company's values to a broader audience.

During our collaboration with Keymet, we have:
- Created and maintained their social media channels
- Produced entirely new content for Keymet's website
- Launched recruitment campaigns
- Managed Google Ads campaigns
- Produced stock images
- Written SEO-optimized website content
- Created image and video content for their social media channels
- Written press releases
- Developed corporate presentations
- Helped them with employer branding
On social media, content is king
In a world where content is king, creating engaging and scroll-stopping content has been an instrumental part of helping Keymet capture the attention of their target audience.
"The content that Someone has created for us has been excellent: they understand our company needs and help us convey our message through our channels. The high quality of the content has not only strengthened our brand but has also played a crucial role in our recruitment efforts" says Jenni Svenfelt.
Our partnership with Keymet has delivered tangible results—increased engagement, a broader reach, and better hiring opportunities. We're not just an agency; we're partners in their growth story, with a commitment to understanding their industry and unique challenges, ensuring continued success together.